Saturday, January 29, 2011

New Bracelets available!!!

At my last sale I noticed that I was nearly sold out of bracelets!  I somehow had failed to see that they were selling so well.  While I was happy that they were such a popular item, I was already struggling with ideas for more.

Since my bracelets are made from scrap yarns and vintage, I am not always sitting on materials to make more.  In the winter I tend to make thick hats and scarves, and those yarns just do not work great for bracelets.  Buying yarn specifically for bracelets was not appealing to me since they take such small amounts of yarn I would be left with more than I could use in a year, and I am already up to my eyeballs in extra yarn.

I was rambling around Etsy one day, trying to justify spending $22-24 on a skein of sock yarn to make a couple bracelets with when I found this:  It was like a dream come true!  I could not believe my luck!  I ordered it straight away and it was in my mailbox before I knew it!

The colors were vivid and beautiful.  The skeins were JUST the right size!  I was creating new and beautiful bracelets in no time.  Gales Art is definitely one of my new favorite shops and I will be back for sure.  Check her shop out, so many good things to find!

This yarn even broke my creative slump.  Not only did I bump up production of my basic bracelets, I made new designs that I am so happy for.  I also designed a whole new product line for Nuala Clothing and Accessories that will be debuting at the Hip Happening show on Feb 5th.  Be there if you would like to see the unveiling,.  If you cannot be there, tune in here or on Facebook on Sunday the 6th to hear how it went and see some pictures.

In the meantime, here's some of the new bracelets:
Some basic bracelets.

New design!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hip Happening!

So excited for the upcoming Hip Happening.  Hope to see some familiar faces!  Be there February 5th from 11am-5pm!