Friday, October 8, 2010


So I want to thank Diana of poppybrew for suggesting this site.  I went ahead and opened up.  You can find my shop here.  I will keep everyone posted as to how it is going. 
I am interested in their referral program.  Apparently they offer you $5 when you open a shop and list more than 20 items.  They will also give you $5 for every shop that you refer that does the same.  Here is the address to create your store and they will give you $5 when your store has 20 or more items, and give me $5 for the referral...Whew, that seemed like a mouthful. 

Let me know if you have any questions

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bernat Mosaic Yarn

I picked  up two skeins of  Bernat Mosaic Yarn this week.  One Waterfalls and one Psychedelic. I started slowly with the Waterfalls, making a really nice bracelet as a custom order for a friend, but with the Psychedelic, I really wanted to see how the colors come out so I jumped right in and made a hat. 

A few notes on this yarn:
1) The striping on the hat is perfect!  If I had more patience, the stripes would meet seamlessly.
2) I have decided to market this yarn as "Vegan fake wool"  It has the look and the feel of wool, yet it is 100% acrylic!
3) I would definitely buy this yarn again.  I bought the last skein of Psychedelic at my local  Jo-Ann Fabrics, but hopefully they will be restocking soon, as I think this may be a popular hat!  I would also like to try some other patterns with this yarn.

I love sharing my reviews of yarn with people.  Any yarn you would like to know about?  I have tried nearly all of the mainstream brands!  Let me know, or just wait for it to come around!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Feeling good

Great day!  Bought some brand new yarn!  I brought home waterfall and Psychedelic.  So far I made a great bracelet with waterfall, and I am looking forward to following that up with a headband.  I was going to do some small things with the Psychedelic as well...but there are so many colors to it I think I will start with a beanie.  After I see how the colors map out I will have a better idea about what else it wants to be.  

Hopefully this yarn isn't discontinued by the time I decide I want more, as often happens. Right now I am in the process of trying to find all the Patons Rumor I possibly if you know anyone ;)  Currently looking for the Fern and Hawthorn heathers :)

Great week for custom orders, just received #4!  I am ready for more!  Please stop by  my shop and let me know if there is something I can make for you!  All blog followers receive free shipping! (just include BLOG in the notes to seller and let me know if you would like a revised listing or a refund via paypal)

Craft fair in my yard

So I have been thinking a lot about this.  I have a very large lot, most of which is street front.  I am right off a main road...why don't I just throw some tables up and call it a garage/craft sale?  I think people would love it.  I could invite friends and neighbors....seems that I have some planning to do!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Looking for community

As the colder season grows closer, and the holidays are on the horizon, I really want to fulfill the pledge that I made to myself to make this year count!  I would love to work together with others to promote our items and spread some sales love. 

I have a couple ideas to accomplish this goal:
     1) Starting my own Etsy team. 
I think that the best thing about Etsy team, is that you have a go to when you have questions, or are loosing hope.  You also have a built in fan base to look at and heart your items.  Team members can be very supportive when it comes to promoting items and offering feedback.  If anyone is interested, let me know!

       2) Starting a craft group in my hood.
This would do the same general thing as the team would, but it would be more based in the real world rather than the cyber world.  By including other people into your crafty-ness, you will gain a network of go to people.  Need jewelry? Call Cheryl! Need a  set of booties for your cousin's new baby?  Call Jenn.  Need something for Mom for her birthday?  Well Pete has some pretty awesome lawn art that he makes. 

What kind of ideas do other people have?  I would love to know!