Thursday, October 25, 2012

Your New Favorite Hat™

I have had a number of questions regarding the origins of the New Favorite Hat™.  How did it get it's name?   How do you know it will be my new favorite hat?  What is it that makes this hat so great anyway?

When I first set out to make a hat, I spent a lot of time pouring over patterns.  I tried a handful of patterns, learning the mechanics of making a hat.  After I understood the basics, I wrote my own pattern based off of what I learned.  That is (nearly) the same pattern I use today, close to a decade later.

Over the years I have used a variety of yarns to crochet hats.  The special thing about the New Favorite Hat, is the blend of wool and acrylic yarns that makes it so wind and water resistant.  It keeps out the cold and keeps you warm!

Your New Favorite Hat will mold to your head after wearing it.  I create the New Favorite Hat using a very tight stitch, it will hold it's shape for years.

This special blend of fibers is machine washable and dryer safe and so easy to care for.  Your New Favorite Hat will always come out of the dryer ready to fit your head again and again.

Lastly, the name New Favorite Hat came from so many customers coming back to tell me how much they love theirs.  How it is their New Favorite Hat.  How could I call it anything else?

You can find a nice selection of your  New Favorite Hat here:
New Favorite Hat™ by Nuala Clothing and Accessories

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