Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Coffee cup sleeves

I love my local coffee shop. They are exceptionally efficient without sacrificing customer service.  Always happy always nice, and the coffee is always good.  One thing that bothers me though is that they put a paper sleeve on every paper coffee cup.

Generally I feel guilty enough already that I did not bring my own mug.  Since coffee for me is generally an unscheduled stop, I am usually unprepared.  I felt extra bad that they were putting a paper sleeve on each disposable cup!  I used to try to ask them not to, but someone further down the line would end up slapping one on.  I would always take it off and leave it on the table, but I felt like it was a battle that I just didn't want to wage for a cup of coffee.

So I decided to make a coffee cup sleeve for myself.  One that I could reuse and take with me every time I went to get coffee.  My glove compartment could now have one reusable sleeve, rather than the floor of the passenger side of my car hosting 20 paper sleeves waiting to make it to the recycling.

It has really been that simple.  I get compliments on them every time I get coffee, and no more paper sleeves!  Coffee shops in my area are picking them up, and they are of course for sale in the Etsy store!

You can find them in the Coffee cup sleeves  section on Etsy, or you can custom order one in any size or color!

They not only look great, but the keep your coffee warm and your hands cool!  All for an awesome price!


Kara Pesznecker said...

reusable coffee cup sleeves are such a great idea, and what fun bright colors. Ways better than those paper ones.

Nuala said...

Thanks! I agree they are so much better than paper ones in so many ways! Plus they work as can cozies as well!