Friday, December 16, 2011

A minor break from crochet!

Life has been wonderful, crazy and busy here at Nuala Clothing and Accessories this December.  Last week the newest shop I am so in love with The Crafty Underdog started carrying my hats!  They have a fantastic selection, so if you find yourself in Foster-Powell, make sure you stop by!  In fact, I think you should find yourself in the area just to stop by the shop!

The day before I gave all of my hair pin and necklace stock to my favorite shop Mag-Big  It's so amazing to have the kind of demand that someone wants to take on every piece you have.  It is also super fun to start all over again.  Really nerve wracking and intimidating but fun.  The hairpins have a set number of styles that I tend not to stray from, but necklaces are the endless reaches of my imagination.

I found myself trying to remember what necklaces I had left at the several shops around town and I wanted to recreate them.  Then I realized that all of those necklaces were already out in the world and I should feel free to create new things that make me happy!  If some of those things cross over into being some of the same things then so be it.  That just means that I know what makes me happy.  

I set out to continue the venture of creating all day today to add to my new selection of fun pieces, but I found myself making cake pops instead.  I know right???  But look how cute they are:

   They just really wanted to be made.  Also, people love my cake pops, so I will have a nice win for my Monday morning at work tomorrow.  Awesome.  

I did still manage to make one piece tonight,  Horrible picture but I will share just the same:
Next show is on the 22nd.  I was trying to get a trunk show together before then, but the location options are seeming limited.  I suppose I could always launch a vendor tent in my yard right?  I have extension cords to bring heat to the yard.  I have space for several tents, email me if you want to make this happen.  

In the meantime, I hope this shopping season is treating you all well.  That you are supporting local businesses and finding what you desire.  If you need shopping assistance, hit me up.  I know where are the local good finds are!

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