Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hair Pin Happiness

I am so very excited about the recent success of my hair pins!  The reception has been great and I am so happy to keep them evolving and the line growing.  The number of available colors has more than tripled in the last month or so, and the addition of feathers is a whole new level of excitement.   I feel like a hair pin machine these days!

I am really excited about bring feathers into the mix, and am happy to say that they are doing quite well.  These two pieces have already sold:

Don't worry, there are many more to come.

Right now I am not listing many new pieces in my Etsy shop. If you would like to see what is new and for sale, the best place to look is my Facebook page.  It is less time consuming to post pictures there, and any questions about the pieces can be easily and quickly answered in the photo comment section.

I hope you stop by and take a look at what's new!

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