Monday, October 3, 2011

Wedding hair clip continued!

Part three is where the sparkle happens.  The bride's dress includes some rhinestone accents, and I wanted to carry that over to her hair piece as well.  

I had originally planned on finding something at a local bead store or one of the craft stores, but I had the idea to turn to my vintage button collection first.  My stash of vintage buttons that include rhinestones is pretty well stocked.  It was fun to bring them out and pair them with my new project.  

I selected the buttons that I felt fit the best and put together a "mock up" package that included a stand in motif, the feathers, and a selection of awesome vintage buttons.  I presented them to her and we worked out the vision of the perfect piece.  We narrowed the selection down and decided that the piece itself would dictate the final selection.  

I believe that step 3 turned out quite well.  

Next: wrapping it up tomorrow with step 4!

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