Sunday, October 2, 2011

Wedding hair clip

I started this post sitting in my work space, creating one of the most beautiful and important things I have ever made.

It is important for two reasons.  First because I have never pushed myself to do something so awesome before, and as it unfolds in front of me, I have been nearly overwhelmed by how amazing this piece has become.  Second, in just over a week, an exceptionally beautiful bride will be wearing this piece on one of the most important days of her life!  Which is even MORE overwhelming.

I was moving from step one to step two of this project when I decided that I really wanted to document it.  It has been a labor of love that I want to put down in this blog.  Maybe not as much to share, but to look back upon later to remember how I feel right now, being so proud of what I have made.  Plus, this thing photographs SO well!

When I started, I wasn't really thinking of what this could become, so I have no pictures before the stage 2 part.  Pictures of stage 2 satisfactorily represent what the first and second step involved anyhow.

Well, except the part where I had to make the crochet motif 3 times.  The first time involved an over-site I should have caught.  I was working with some vintage crochet thread that I did not take the time to verify as being the correct size.  It wasn't.  The second attempt was perfect.  It was without technical error, it was without blemish, it did not even have the slightest hint of dirt (which is reeeeeeally hard because it is white and everything else in your whole entire world is not).  When I sat down this morning to start stage 2, I removed the pristine white motif from it's protective box, settled in to attach the motif to the feathers, and spilled my coffee on it.

I had a deadline.  There will be a wedding with or without this hair accessory.  I would really like it to be with, and I am pretty sure the bride would prefer it that way as well.  So, I tried not to panic.  I  poured another cup of coffee, took a deep breath, and started again.

I did try to touch the piece up, and I do think that it could be saved in the end, but I had no time for crying over spilled coffee, or blot-blot-blotting with what ever it is that my Martha Stewart guide to housekeeping would so correctly advise me to use.  I had a deadline.

I crocheted as fast as my fingers could go and motif #3 was completed.  It was on to step 2.

I had been brainstorming this project for a while when I found this amazing beaded white half hackle of feathers.  I had no idea what a half hackle of feathers even was before this.  Never once had I used feathers in a project before.   I have to say the whole project came together when I saw that package of feathers.  I had the whole design in my head.

After buying the feathers, the design of the finished project would change slightly, but stay mainly the same, and the feathers were the perfect thing.

Step 3...Next time.


pirate stacie said...

Oh Jenn, it is super beautiful. Good work lady!

Nuala said...

Thank you!